The Wedding of Sara and Dean

The Wedding of Sara and Dean

Sara & Dean held their ceremony at the Nelson Head Light house reserve with ceremony preformed by the lovely Marsha Wright Cherished Moments. It was a very warm February day, umbrellas were provided for their guests, and a great idea!! They chose white translucent umbrellas, which is fantastic for not only shading their guests from the sun, but acts as a fantastic diffuser for photographs 🙂

The Boys got ready at Nelson Bay’s Mantra Resort.
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Sara and her bridesmaids spent the morning getting ready at Oaks Lure Luxury Hotel And Apartments.
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Sara and her bridesmaids, enjoying the last few moments before Sara’s dad arrived to drive them to the ceremony.

The Ceremony was held at Nelson Head Lighthouse Reserve with celebrant Marsha Wright.
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Nice hug, as Sara arrived at the ceremony.
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Sara’s proud father.
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And here we go…..
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Dean and Sara enjoy their first kiss as husband and wife.
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Now, in case you missed it. This day was HOT HOT HOT! so we decided to start the location photographs in the shade at Little Beach – Nelson Bay.
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Then ventuered down to the wharf.
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Zenith Beach was the final location spot, and boy, Isn’t it just beautiful there!
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Sara and Dean’s reception was held at Nelson Bay Rsl – Wests Diggers with event hire by Cinderina Weddings and Event Hire
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Sara and Dean also hired us for Photo Booth. Here are a few of my favourites.
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Thank you to Sally Dunwell for assisting me as 2nd Photographer for Sara and Deans wedding day.
Photography by: NKD’s Photography – Natalie Grounds