Back in May I held a Mothers Day Special.

I haven’t done a special like this is two years. So if you ever see it appear again, Jump on it!

Here is the McIntyre family and by special request as they didn’t feel it was a family portrait without their beloved fur babies,  Piper and Jasper.

We were heading to Birubi Beach, but due to the winds, we decided to take shelter at Kingsley Beach at Boat Harbour.

It was bright and sunny when we first arrived, but then slowly the sun fell behind the mountain where we could work with beautiful lighting in the shows on the southern end.

If you are looking for a seaside location for your next family portrait. Put Kingsley beach on your short list!

McIntyre 5McIntyre 6

McIntyre 7McIntyre 8a McIntyre 9McIntyre 10McIntyre 11McIntyre 12


McIntyre 13McIntyre 14McIntyre 15McIntyre 16McIntyre 17McIntyre 18a