Lemon Tree Passage

Lemon Tree Passage

Tuesday 10th February, 2015

Wow, did you check out Sundays weather?? I believe it was beautiful !

I don’t know from personal experience besides a few glimpses outside as I worked on finishing a wedding photo book and my latest newsletter…. for most of the day.

So, after missing out big time on capturing the bay on that stunning day, I decided I would take my son out to Lemon Tree Passage and see what I could capture.

I am currently in the midst of creating a Port Stephens Landscape book along with my long time friend and fellow photographer David Dickson. But I had no current images of Lemon Tree Passage or Tanilba Bay, so It was time to get some on file.. Though the wind was a little mare than I would like on the water, But I found some great spots that, on another day, I will venture back.  Until the new replacements come in, here are a few images of Lemon Tree Passage for you to view.. .and Shall I say, Lemon Tree, You surprised me with your beauty… and my son LOVED your playground!



100215 001

100215 002

100215 003

100215 004

100215 008

100215 011

100215 017

100215 018

100215 022

100215 023


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