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Wow, my new website is here!

I have completely turned my website upside down, inside and out.  So, so happy with my new deisgn look and thankful to Sharon from Future It for putting it together for me.

It’s been a long time coming, I think about 5 years actually. It kept getting put off as time to put it all together was not on my side with life. It certainly was time, I knew it had to be done. I was sick of all the spam email coming through my contact page and so many parts of my old website was just not working. So here we are.

So, this means my blog is few. It will look like I’ve only just started business… when in fact, I have photographing weddings and families for a long time. I am a dinosaur of the industry, way back when film cameras were your only camera of choice. My favourite film camera would have to be the Canon Eos 3. Although I could only afford second hand models, It was such a good day, the day I could afford my camera, updating from the Canon Eos 500N. Many cameras later…. Canon 20D, Canon 50D, Canon 5D MII…. Passing the standard digital era, I now have landed in the new era of MIRRORLESS cameras! I purchased my first mirrorless camera in 2021 Canon R6.

Not to discredit any of my lenses, after all the lenses are the eye’s to the camera. I carry with me:

  • Canon 16-35mm which I use for all my wide angles (Wedding group shots) and landscape photographs
  • Sigma Art Lens 50mm – This is my favourite lens, It is constantly on either my main camera or my second camera.. Though my next wish list item is to upgrade it to a Canon 50mm.
  • Canon 70-200mm – Big heavy lens, but oh so good for getting in close and creating amazing bokah background. I also love to use this lens when getting those candid shots of everyone at the reception (the sneaky ones that no one knows I’m taking).

Just to be precise, my current cameras I use are:

  • Canon 6R (Main camera)
  • Canon 5D MII ( Second camera)
  • Canon M50 Mark II (Video camera)