From that first moment you laid eyes on your baby, joining your tribe, you then became a family. Whether more children arrived after, number two, three or more. You have built your family, your network of love, togetherness and support. A bond with your tribe that will never be broken.

Your babies are now sitting, walking and now talking. They love playing in the sand building sandcastles and splashing by the water’s edge. They start to ride their bike, training wheels now gone, what!, how has school crept up so quickly!, “Mum, can I read you a story?”, “ please teach me to tie my shoelaces”. Time escapes so quickly, now they are competing in carnivals, school camps and off to high school. Wait… slow down there. High School, no way! Where have the past 12 years gone? (This I ask myself, too!).

All these moments, so quickly do they pass. I want to be able to preserve this time for you, not only for you but also for your children when they grow up. They can look back and remember their childhood, how much they were loved and the time they spent with you, with their siblings, as a family.

After all, childhood is one of the most fun and free times of their life. The times when you laughed and played the most.

This beautiful family, the Family of Alana & Ryan, I photographed in 2019 on Beach Road, Shoal Bay Beach in Port Stephens.

Alana booked her photography session for images for their daughter to have with her whilst she underwent her cancer treatment. Since the last time I saw them, she is now in remission and all I believe is well.

I really loved the clothing colour pallet they had chosen, so I wanted to share these images.