We met at Cronulla, just before the sun rose above the ocean.

Waves gradually getting bigger as the session progressed.

We had such a great time playing around the water, rocks and dress tossing by Emma’s husband Timmy and my son, Jackson.

I invited Emma and Timmy to be my model again, so I could photograph more gowns from my client wardrobe, which is available for all my maternity clients.

Emma’s husband, Timmy is my husbands long time friend since high school. They spend a lot of time fishing together in tournaments and share a great friendship. It was lovely to be able to not only build on my client wardrobe, but to give these two, some special maternity photographs that they wouldn’t of had originally.

Timmy had some great tossing skills, with one of these images being awarded “commended” in the 2023 Australian Photographic Prize awards.

Gowns used from the client wardrobe

  • Lolita Gown
  • Shiny Dream Gown
  • Sea Breeze fabric
  • Layered Graceful Goddess gown
  • Crimson Rouge two piece

View the full range of maternity gowns from our client wardrobe here