Early Education Photography Service

Natalie and Sophie have been photographing children and families for over 20 years. The past three years, they have been teaming up to photograph Child care center’s.

With experience in family portraiture, They are able to create a playful environment for your students to be “naturally playful” in their photo session. of course, not all children love the camera, so an educator on hand is requested for those that need a little more of a familiar face when the camera is on them.

Parents love that they get to choose their favorite images from a secure online photo gallery with a variety of play and posed portrait photos.

Families can view and order online in the comfort of their own home with a no pressure sales atmosphere.


Families have access to view their photos in four working days after photos are taken

We aim to photograph individual play and portrait style photos. Class Group photos, Sibling photos as well as staff photos and even friendship photos if requested.

The Photography Process


Contact Natalie to discuss your centers needs and to book in early to secure your preferred date.  We only photograph one centre each month ( Allowing us provide the attention your centre and their families need during your photo month).

APRIL till early NOVEMBER during school terms only.


You will receive flyers, posters/banners and digital flyers. ​Parents can then use the QR code or website address to purchase packages online. Packages start at $55.


Photo Day/s.  Parents select two preferred photo days at childcare or we allocate a day for Kindergarten groups.


Parents will receive an EMAIL to access their photo galleries once they are ready to view within 14 working days.


Parents have 7 days to select and submit their orders on-line and then the photo packages are delivered to the Center for distribution 2-3 weeks later.

Photographic time starts from 8:00am until 11:30

Our photographers play games with the children in their class room and outside environment. Wether it is playing with building blocks, reading a book, sliding down the slippery dip and so much more.

Parents can expect to see two different outdoor or indoor settings and one studio look.

Packages provide their choice of three images of their child with the option to purchase additional images.

Parents will be able to book their child in for photographs from 4 weeks prior to “photo week” via on-line through nkdsphotography.com.au

The center will receive:

  • A5 Child care center year book to keep as a keepsake.

    NOTE: Photographs displayed in the year book are only of the children whom have registered for their photographs to be taken. One photo of each child will appear in the book along with class photos.

  • Staff photographs are complimentary, presented in in digital format via direct download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Families are required to purchase a photo package online and for photos to be taken of their child. We ask that you look over our price guide to ascertain if our pricing will suit your centers families. Our prices are competitive with the added bonus that we give your families the luxury of multiple images and not just 1 pre selected photo.

We photograph in the available indoor and outdoor areas of your centre.  preferring available light. In the event of wet weather we will either move to an area undercover or discuss the suitability of postponement.
To help assist with keeping the children feel safe and secure, A educator to which the children (at the time of being photographed), is familiar with and responds to well, is to be by the children’s side to assist with photographs for ages 0-2 years old. Children aged 3-5 are generally comfortable with their photographs being taken, The  request for an educators assistance may be required at any time and we ask the centre assist to help in this instance, so the photography process run smoothly and on time to not hold up other students awaiting their turn.

The sessions take from 4-5 days for centres up to 130 enrolled children – longer for larger centres.  Photo galleries are then ready to view approximately 4 working days after the last session at the centre.  There is then a 1 week ordering period for printed photo packages. If families order digital files they are delivered immediately via direct download.

Yes. I have public liability insurance. Proof of insurance coverage available on request
Yes, Natalie and Sophie have Working With Children card.
Yes, for classes with ages 3-4, we offer a traditional class photo style. This is where all children are sitting together.  For Childcare centres – for ages up to 0-2/3 year olds we recommend a composite style class photo (best individual photo of each child on one print).
We will reschedule them for a make-up day the following week if they are pre-registered.
Yes we do! We love photographing siblings! Parents need to register for a sibling photo option.
Yes absolutely. Families are welcome to call or email, I am happy to promptly assist with any enquires, re-scheduling or ordering/website assistance. I encourage the centre to pass on all questions so I can provide personal attention to your families.

Ask us about photographing your special moments…