The Hage family had planned a reunion holiday at Tanilba Bay, and whilst on holidays, we got together at the boardwalk at Tanilba Bay to update their family album.

Now, getting the family together at the best of times can be hard.. but when one part of the family comes home from over seas, you know that this is the time to make memories.

With Cousin’s finally all together, adult siblings and mum and dad. These are the moments we live for.

I love to capture kids being kids! Depending on the kids of course, but if I feel I have a playful bunch of kids with me, I will in-corporate short games to bring out their personality and true happy faces!

Those “must have” Grandparent” photographs, of everyone looking at the camera, will of course, also be included.

The great thing about the boardwalk at Tanilba Bay, is it’s tree filled, so the chance of shade is high!. Plus (depending on the tide), you could also take advantage of being right at the water’s edge and photographs in amongst the paper tree’s is just beautiful. I love the soft fern walkways and just walking through, finding different backdrops is also lovely and therapeutic… could very well be the pick for you!

The timeline for this particular session:

These photos were taking in October

How are extended family portraits different to a standard family portrait?

When you are combining two or three immediate families, with the Grandparents. You need more time to photograph each family. The extended family photo sessions run for one hour or slightly more if needed.

In a extended family session, we focus on groupings with everyone together, plus cousin’s together and with grandparents, along with the immediate family household photographs being together.

In an individual family session, you will find more variations of mum with children, dad with children, individuals etc, that we may not have time for in an extended family session.