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Dear , here an update from NKDS Photography.

WELCOME 2015!!

Here we are, 2015 has arrived. and I still have not written my first newsletter which was 2014's resolution.

So this is a test. As I still don't know how to edit this program :)

I will also warn you, my spelling is NOT fantastic either.

Lucky there is only 11 of you who will receive it, so I can learn from this one in to make these newsleters even better.


It is amazing what you can find hidden in the archives. I was on the search for a faster shutter speed image of a beach shot from this particular evening at Zenith Beach the other day, and I stumbled upon this photo.

Why did I not see it before! It is so unique with the vast rays of different colours from the yellow sand, turqoise water, orange, purple and blue sky.

This particular eveing was meant to be the August BIG moon rise, though it was extreamly cloudy, I only got a quick glimpse of the moon before it dissapeared behind another thick cloud... and the moon was too high by that time, that it looked normal in size. BUT.. I had a great time photographing the rest of the beach that evening!

Photo captured on Cannon 5DMII


Sunset Beach - Soldiers Point

Taken 20th November, 2014

My brother finally came home to Australia for a visit over November as 9 years ago he moved to England and is now residing in Wales. It was so great to see him and meet his new love of his life (of four years), but new to me, as I had never met her before.

We decided to head out to Soldier Point, Pearson Park (as it was a bit windy every where else), and sat down to prawns and a BBQ dinner along with my mum and son, Jackson.

As the sun set, my brother pulled out his camera and took a photo... I thought.. Ok, I will photograph it too. Lucky!! because I ended up with this beautiful gem.

I only had my compact camera with me, so this one is captured on my Cannon G16.

I have been very busy with editing weddings over the last few weeks from weddings taken place in late November and mid December.

Here is some images from Sarah & Mark's wedding - 22nd November, 2014.

Location: Peppers Creek Winery, POKOLBIN

Sarah originally booked me in 2003 for her year ten formal photographs.. 11 years later, now her wedding.

I had a great time photographing Sarah and Marks wedding day, over 3 years of planning their special day, it certainly came together and looked absolutley amazing!

If you were family or friends of Sarah and Mark, their image gallery is currently live to view all the images from their day.


If you would like to see more of my landscape images, I am currently displaying my work next to Pizazz at dÁlbora Marinas, Teramby Rd, Nelson Bay.

Photos from just $8 (6x4), $20 (5"x7"), $40 (8"x12") plus fantastic three for prices. 

They also make great gifts :)

Hours this week are;

Saturday 10am - 4pm

Sunday 10:30 - 4pm


Tuesday CLOSED

Wednesday CLOSED

Thursday 10am - 4pm

Friday 10am - 4pm

I hope to see you there :)

Well, It's almost midnight and I must sign off and hop into bed.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Natalie Grounds


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