I met Alex and Jessica, at Camellia Gardens, Caringbah, In the middle of winter for their engagement photographs.

This is a great location for photographs are there are plenty of winding paths, large green grassy areas, luscious gardens and even in winter, you can get a glimpse of colour from some winter flowers throughout this gorgeous landscaped gardens.

Here at Camellia Gardens, I photographed a beautiful couples / engagement session of Jess and Alex.

Camellia Gardens is located in Caringbah, in the Sutherland Shire Sydney.

It is such a great spot to have your photographs at. If you ware looking for a place to have your photographs taken at. This is certainly one you should put on your list.

Some things to note when choosing to have your photographs taken at Camellia Gardens, is to think of the seasons.

Right now, we are in winter, the surrounds are beautiful and green, but not many blooms are out. In spring of course, you will see many more flowers around the gardens.

Thinking of lighting, Camellia Gardens do have a closing time, so make sure you check out the time on your chosen date.

Generally, for here, you would schedule a photography session in around 2 hours prior to sunset, as it can get a little dark closer to sunset as you are under the shady areas of trees.  You won’t really get much of a sunset light (orange glow), but you can get a spray of light peaking through the trees as the sun ventures itself to bed.

There is so many different beautiful backdrops available to use for your photographs, that I highly recommend this location.

If you are thinking about printing your images for a beautiful wall art collection, I can help you!

Variation mock up’s are available upon request to help allow you to visually see how your images work well together in a certain space.

Go further and take a photo of your particular space you wish to fill and I can present you with a sample mock up just like these.